Our History

The vision for McLean & Partners was inspired from his early years in working in the large national investment firms in Canada, knowing a better way existed.

Brent McLean, founder of McLean & Partners, had a vision to build Canada's most respected wealth management company. In the late 1990s, Brent McLean was working at a bank-owned national investment firm that he felt wasn’t focusing on their clients’ best interests. Knowing a better way existed, Brent embarked on creating a disciplined team that shared his passion of building an independent firm with client success at the core as opposed to firm success. Created in June of 1999, the values shared then remain shared today - to put our clients at the heart of everything we do and deliver independent, unbiased solutions.

Over the next 19 years the company grew both in terms of professional staff and assets under management. Our commitment to clients, and support for our community helped solidify our brand and reputation – allowing us to become a recognizable force in the affluent marketplace. In 2013, Canadian Western Bank, now known as CWB Financial Group made a majority purchase in McLean & Partners as they aimed to significantly enhance their offerings to their valued clients. McLean & Partners also saw the opportunity this would allow for broader financial services to their clients and were excited to align themselves with such a reputable brand and relationship-minded bank. This partnership will help McLean & Partners continue to grow, while maintaining the structure that best serves our clients.

Today, McLean & Partners is an integral part of CWB Wealth Management, a subsidiary of CWB Financial Group, who shares the same commitment and passion to client success.